The Arte Haus

Founded in 2021 by the multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and avid collector Kendall Hurns, The Arte Haus collective embodies our core mission—to make the once-inaccessible realms of art accessible to all. At the heart of our efforts lies the belief that what makes a 'haus' a 'home' is the vibrant and inclusive community it fosters.

Within the embracing spirit of The Arte Haus, our diverse approach encompasses a wide range of activities. This includes nurturing innovative artist collaborations, providing comprehensive artist management services, and offering art consultancy—all within an environment where creativity knows no bounds.

Our virtual doors are perpetually open to everyone. Whether you're an established or emerging artist seeking support, an art enthusiast or collector in search of inspiration, or simply someone with a curiosity for the arts, we extend a warm invitation to you. We are dedicated to creating an environment that nurtures learning, sparks creativity, and encourages the relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.